It's a text-based tiny educational game made for the AutisticaPlay game jam.  It's based on the fact that some autistic people find it hard to identify/describe their emotions.  And this is just one of the many barriers that stop autistic people from reaching out for help.

Here are some imformation about how to help autistic people with mental health issues:

Supporting people living with autism spectrum disorder and mental health problems - A guide for practitioners and providers


Please only read the following after you complete the game or get stuck 


*I haven't done any play-test of this game, so I am not sure if it will play well.  Feel free to give your feedback.

*If you get stuck, here is a tip "you need to pick up all the emotions"

*The reason why autistic people can find it hard to identify their emotions is not very clear yet, so the mechanic of showing the difficulties of identifying emotions is partly based on my understanding.

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Tags2D, asperger, autism, Mental Health, Singleplayer, Text based


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It's  really tough trying to find a single word to explain how you're feeling sometimes, i'm very thankful for autistic representation!
Very short and sweet game, worth your time^^


Sweet and simple


Loved the concept!


Thank You <3