Focus is a game about how working memory capacity works in our brain.

In the game, players need to control the focus dot to collect four green target dots and keep away from the pink distraction dots. The distraction dots can get the focus dot stuck by its glue and consume its health.


About the development of the game:

Focus is a solo project created for the Code Camp module during my study at the National Film and Television School (UK).

The idea of this game was inspired by the neural mechanism of working memory capacity. I designed the game mechanics to illustrate the limitation of our working memory and how we can make full use of it.


Game design, code, and art: Xu He


Focus was selected by Indie Prize (Casual Connect Europe 2019) Finalist!

"Xu has created an excellent, stand-out Code Camp project, which is undoubtedly one of the strongest seen so far on the course for the Code Camp module. "  "Its presentation, delivery and its understanding of the user has a professional flair to it."

-----  Alan Thorn (Unity Development & Design Tutor)

"Focus is one of the best games I’ve seen at the NFTS. It’s a charming game that not only plays well but is also brilliantly presented. "  "I like the stretchy glue effect when you get stuck to a distraction it looks and feels wonderful. "

 ----- Ted Chaplin (Art Tutor)   

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